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Once upon a time there was a cactus robot...

The drawing is less precise than a word but can be a book on its own. When I draw, I transmit my own sensitivity, my emotions, my feelings, my feelings, my intentions,... All information which is very personal and can be discerned and perceived through the image. Thus we discover that even the most intimate feelings can be understood by others.

About me

Hello, my name is Delphine Lismonde, Shiki by my artist name.I am a Belgian illustrator of Vietnamese origin.

As a child, I walked around with a pencil in my hand, I always wanted to tinker or tell stories. Head lost in the clouds, I was often reading comics or watching cartoons. And then I became a manga fanatic.

Subsequently I did my studies at St-Luc in the "illustration" graphic section.


I continued my studies with a sewing training at IFAPME where I did an Internship in Lingerie.

Shiki the little cactus robot

About my work

I realize mostly watercolor illustrations.

I have been doing it for over 10 years.

Watercolor is for me the best medium to transmit my images: the transparency of the color allows the addition of a unique softness.

I also make digital manga boards.

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